by Transcend the Skies

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We give you our debut EP, Paradigm. With much love and appreciation,

Transcend the Skies


released September 1, 2012

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Daniel Sousa
Drums Recorded by Devon Huxtable

Guest vocals on Event Horizon by Brandon Gatten (Three Crowns)
Centauri lyrics adapted from poem by Akash Kumar



all rights reserved


Transcend the Skies Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Paradigm Shift
We have lost our old way
And forgotten where we have come from
Man falls down today
Blood spilling in our own greed
Why do we suffer so much, when the answer is all around us?
Why do we despair so much?
Hope has taken us all apart
Look at our misery

For we are victims of a system that makes men torture
Forgotten what we are,
Forgotten of what we have been and what we have become
Is hope the most powerful of all?
Endless and abundant, as the stars in the heavens
Mysterious and intriguing as the moon

But what should be heaven has become a hell at last
The darkest abyss
The deepest abyss,
We have created our own hell

We must open our eyes
As it all falls apart, it all comes together
In the end, the truth lies in the palms of our hands

So open your eyes
Pave the road away from your destruction

And though I see the end
And though I see my death
Surrounded by the hopeless faces around me
I will not give up hope
I will not give up hope
Beautiful light, take me through the end
Track Name: The Event Horizon (Ft. Brandon Gatten of Three Crowns)
I find myself not where I thought I would be
I've misplaced the strength that I once used to know
Struggling against the current of a conscience with no remorse

Time cannot lend its generous hand to us
And you're the only constraint holding me down
I have to believe that I'll never touch your face again

No matter how much I've been beat to the ground,
I won't lose my focus
You'll never make me fall down

Because I know my heart wont guide a guilty mind

I've got too much to lose to let myself just give up
I will redeem everything that I am
I will prove I can lift this mountain off myself, if I can just escape your hands

You're just out of reach,
But so close, that I will never be able to let you go
All cosmic seas cease to dance as time stands still,
Make us whole

Make us whole
Track Name: Centauri
What can we accept as truth
When we know nothing exists as it is?
What dictates our reality?
Is there more to life than what we perceive ?
What we are? What we see?
Is there more to life than what we perceive ?
What we are and what we see?

These questions plagued my mind
The answers seem beyond my grasp
But then i looked to the skies
And in that moment
I could see to infinity

Order amongst chaos
The ebb and flow of cosmic seas

The answer's always just out of reach
We're found within that moment
There was peace
Enlightened, my mind was set free

And so satisfied with the new-found knowledge that I had received
My eyelids calmly lowered
And so my final breath was breathed
Track Name: Aegis VII
I am faced with what is only a mirage
The essential water in this desert of space is absent

Falling forward through the fabrics of what we perceive as time
Unstable mind,
Cannot differentiate between reality
And the beauty of fiction, fed by hope

How can I turn away from what I wish were true?
So far from home,
The frailty of sanity starts to show
Yet I will seek the truth

The safety net of these visions
Can't much longer withhold the weight of what is real
And I know that I must move forward
But the knowledge of never seeing you again makes hope fade
In the emptiness
Hope fade
In the emptiness

And as I fly out to space and the stars,
viewing the beauty of creation
I will reach out, and touch the face of the one

The gears behind this mechanism have been exposed

Converge by the hand
Converge by your hands